Denture Repair FAQs

If you have a set of dentures on your own, you know one of the biggest problems that you could encounter with them is sudden breakage. This could lead to you not properly being able to eat or smile without the help of your dentures, so knowing your options for repair if you face an unexpected break with your dentures will come in handy if you ever experience this issue for yourself.

Instead of wondering how to repair dentures in Columbus, consider some of the following common questions and answers surrounding denture repair. Hopefully, this information will come in handy if your dentures ever need fixing.

Are denture repair kits safe?

Denture repair kits are sold at big box retail stores, in pharmacies, and online as a temporary solution for folks needing to fix their dentures until they can visit their dentist. They are perfectly safe to use, but should never be considered a permanent fix to a broken denture. These items should only be used until you are able to schedule a visit with your dentist for a more permanent repair or replacement for your dentures.

How much does it cost to repair dentures?

how to repair dentures in Columbus

You shouldn’t expect to pay too much for your denture repair if something happens to your dentures. On average, you will find that the price for denture repair by dentists can be anywhere from $100 to $200 depending on what needs to be done to fix the dentures.

What if my dentures can’t be repaired?

If your dentist is unable to fix your dentures properly, you will probably need to think about replacing them with a new set of dentures. This will depend on how bad the break to your dentures is, so it is a judgment call best left to your dentist.

If you ever experience a break in your dentures, keep some of these answers in mind so you can rest assured that you will be able to fix your dentures easily should you ever face this issue.