Bail Schedules And Hearings To Go Along With The Bonds

Bail bonds will not be issued until such time that a hearing has been held. And once Orange County Bail Bonds have indeed been issued it will more than likely be necessary for the bail bondsman’s client to respond diligently to the bail schedules set. These would be part of the terms and conditions set by the presiding judge during the first court hearing held almost directly after the charges were drawn up against the bail bondsman’s client.

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But rest assured that it is indeed at that point that the charged person could already have access to a bail bondsman working for a private company like Acme Bail Bonds. This is perhaps what you could call a quick in and out procedure in which case you don’t get to spend another hour more in jail, particularly if you were charged with a criminal offense. Of course, if it was a minor offense, it might well be criminal to have held you otherwise.

Nevertheless, to give you an indication of the amounts likely to be called for, as much as one thousand dollars could be required to hear what you have to say about your disorderly conduct. Five thousand for burglary seems reasonable when you think in terms of the damage to property and human trauma that could have been caused by your heinous act. But what then of armed robbery in which case lives may be lost.

For that, and if found guilty, you may as well throw away the key. Surely there cannot be any prospect of bail under such conditions, but so it goes that everyone, including the most hardened criminals, enjoy the rights of recourse to what is known as a fair trial.